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Republican Candidates
VIRGINIA  - Daniel Gade (R) - WINNER!
Primary: 06/23/20
Race Rating: Tilts Blue
Incumbent: Mark Warner (D)
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Daniel Gade is a retired US Army Lt. Colonel who served for over 20 years. He has served in several US Department roles including veteran issues, military healthcare and disability compensation. His top issues are limited government, free market systems, strong national defense and the protection of our individual liberties and civil rights. 


VIRGINIA  - Victor Williams (R)
Primary: 06/09/20
Race Rating: Tilts Blue
Incumbent: Mark Warner
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Victor Williams is a Pro-President Trump Law Professor who states the following on his website:
"Fellow Virginians, the November 2020 election is now less than a year away. We must unify with Trump-Independents, Trump-Democrats, and Trump-Libertarians to defeat incumbent Mark Warner. 16 years of Warner is enough. 


All Virginians  know that Warner was never a moderate as long-claimed. Warner continues to betray Virginia Values and Virginia Voters. Now, Warner has followed AOC+3 and their extremist ilk -- hard left off a socialist cliff.


We must join together to Stand Proud with President Trump to help insure that he wins Virginia in 2020. We must show the extremists and leftists who have taken control of the Democrat Party that their only success in the 2019 statehouse elections was in orchestrating biased judicial gerrymandering of legislative district lines. 


A year from now, we must show in a  commonwealth-wide election contest, that Virginia holds fast to its practical, moderate, pro-family, pro-jobs, pro-growth values."


Alissa Baldwin
Thomas Speciale
God Bless Virginia