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The Campaign Corner has a 5 Star rating system for 2020 Primary Elections! Candidates must be “MAGA”, but as President Trump says, they also have to be able to win in the General Election! Stars are awarded based on the following:

1. Alignment/America First Platform – Candidates should side with President Trump and the America First agenda, back his leadership decisions and support his positions on congressional bills. The voting record of incumbents is reviewed, and the platforms of both incumbents and new candidates are examined.

2. Allegiance/Respectful to President – Statements, social media posts and actions must be supportive & respectful of President Trump and his leadership within the Republican Party, and of all citizens of America.

3. Qualifications/True Representative – Life and leadership experience, credentials, likability & communication skills, temperament and the ability to listen to other viewpoints and negotiate on behalf of all Americans are analyzed.

4. Finances/Campaign Fundraising – The amount of money a candidate has or raises and the source of their funding is researched and updated regularly.

5. Trustworthiness/No Skeletons in Closet – Connections to globalist ideology or influence and questionable behavior are considered, as well as a general impression of mistrust (something seems “off”)

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God Bless President Trump
President Trump is rated SOLID GOLD!
Vetting Incumbents

Incumbents are judged primarily on their voting record percentage by which they vote in agreement with our President’s positions. Votes related to taxes, trade, infrastructure, healthcare reform & insurance coverage for preexisting conditions are of special interest for 2020. Incumbents record of achievement and whether they kept campaign promises is also highly important. Loyalty to President Trump and our America First agenda is critical for incumbents to receive support for reelection. Exceptions for extreme disloyalty are made regardless of voting record.

Primary Challengers

Challengers will be judged first based on the incumbent they seek to unseat. If a Republican challenger is campaigning against an incumbent who is supporting President Trump, hasn’t committed any crimes and is doing a good job for the American people, their name will be listed but their campaign will not be promoted unless the incumbent turns villain.

Candidates to “Vote Out”

Challengers to Republican incumbents on the “vote them out” list will receive support, particularly those who aim to hit the mark where the incumbent is missing. Serious candidates who truly want to oust an incumbent should have strong presence in social media. A positive campaign focused on the candidate’s own platform is recommended over focusing on the incumbent’s negative traits. Candidates running on Pro-President Trump platforms are noted, but are not guaranteed our endorsement and support. Finances, public statements, qualifications and red flags are also considered.

Open Seats

Candidates running to fill open seats who receive endorsements from retiring incumbents who loved and supported President Trump will be given top priority.

All candidates will be scrutinized on their words and actions in light of respect for our country and its citizens, willingness to make deals for the greater good and overall effort towards unity. Finances, public statements, qualifications and concerns are all included in vetting.

Candidates Endorsed by President Trump

The most frequently used words by our President when he endorses are whether a candidate is “strong on crime, our 2nd Amendment and our borders, and that they “love our military and our veterans” and that they want great healthcare for our people”.

Any race that has a Republican candidate who is endorsed by President Trump is 100% supported by The Campaign Corner. President Trump has more inside knowledge and is smarter than any of us. Our President would not appoint bad advisers who would steer him in the wrong direction regarding endorsements. President Trump has said that he doesn’t care whether a person likes him as long as they vote with him. He also mentions how many politicians are “all talk, and no action”, and often those who talk tough against him actually vote with him. The voting record is very important when vetting incumbent candidates. Those challenging an endorsed candidate are listed by name but are not promoted.

President Trump has accomplished more in his first term than ever thought possible! He is brilliant, strategic and highly successful. He didn’t need this job, he is taking no pay, and yet he is working tirelessly because of his love for our country and for all of us. The Campaign Corner is 100% loyal to President Trump and trusts his leadership decisions. He knows how to get things done and how to win!


All candidate interviews are posted on our site here. Many candidates receive receive full written reviews, and others receive a MAGA SCORE without a detailed review. Some candidates are listed but not reviewed. American citizens who support President Trump are welcome to submit support for candidates here.

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