Republican Candidates
VA District 07 decided to choose their Republican primary winner at convention instead of by vote.

Original Primary Date: June 23, 2020
Convention Date: July 18, 2020
Race Rating: TARGET
Last Win: 2% (D)
Incumbent: Abigail Speanberger (D)
President Trump won VA 07 by 6.5% in 2016

Tina Ramirez (R)

Your Voice America Interview 10/14/19
FEC File

Tina's Rating: 4.5 Stars (Rating Criteria)

Tina Ramirez has a unique background that would serve her well as a member of our US House. Tina worked for the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and served as a foreign policy advisor for various members of the US Congress. She has helped in developing policy to improve religious freedom in several of the more than 30 countries to which she has traveled. Tina helped start and direct the bi-partisan Congressional International Religious Freedom Caucus. She has secured the release of imprisoned victims and met with foreign dignitaries. Tine created an organization in 2013 to address the root causes of religious conflict and has trained hundreds of journalists, lawyers, teachers and religious leaders in countries including Iraq, Sudan and Nigeria. Her work helps to keep youth from becoming involved in radical groups. 

Tina is a strong supporter of limited government, free market principles and local control of education for students. As the daughter of parents who were both medical professionals, Tina has great insight and practical solutions to improving healthcare, including the reformation of the system for our great Veterans.  She fully supports border security and comprehensive immigration reform including the issue of hiring foreign workers. All of her issues are detailed here

Tina Ramirez stands with President Trump and promises to continue to back him through her votes in Congress. She's strong, energetic and enthusiastic in her ideas, with a proven track record of working hard and getting real results. Her campaign has raised over $171k! Please help get Tina's name and message out to the voters in Virginia's 7th District so that we can win back this seat that was flipped blue by a 2% margin in 2018. 


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