West Virginia Governor 2020

West Virginia Governor
Primary Date: June 9th --  Race Rating: Battle
Last Win: 49% D - 42% R -- Vote #: 350,408 D - 301, 987 R

Candidate: Jim Justice (R) Incumbent
ENDORSED by President Trump!



President Trump affectionately calls 6’7″ Governor Justice “Big Jim” and welcomed him to the Republican party when Jim announced he was walking away from the Democrats during a Trump rally in 2017. The Governor is a vocal supporter of our President and appears frequently in campaign events alongside him. Switching parties is always a challenge but the GOP is behind Jim Justice in West Virginia which was won by a 42% margin by President Trump in 2016. Mike Lukach, a key member of the President’s 2016 campaign has been hired as Jim’s Campaign Manager as well as Bill Stepien and Justin Clark who serve as Senior Political Advisors to President Trump. Jim justice is said to be the wealthiest man in West Virginia worth approximately $1.5 billion. Governor Justice recently faced charges concerning debt that his personal businesses owed in taxes and is making reparations. State senators do not support Jim but the Republican Governors Association and Donald Trump Jr. held a fundraiser for Jim on June 20th, 2019, and President Trump continues to support him.


"Unlike Senator Manchin, Big Jim Justice was very loyal to your favorite President during Pelosi’s Impeachment Scam. Big Jim is doing a tremendous job for West Virginia. Vote for Big Jim!" ~ President Trump

Candidate: Michael Folk (R)



Mike Folk is a negative, small-minded & sarcastic individual who disrespects our great President. NO WAY!

Shelby Fitzhugh
Brooke Lunsford
Charles Sheedy
Doug Six
H. Woody Thrasher
God Bless West Virginia