Winning 2020

A divided party can’t effectively fight the enemy!  – The Campaign Corner encourages unity within the Republican Party so that together we can win President Trump’s 2nd term, take back our House and keep our Senate. Our President chose to represent this party when he decided to win the office of President of the United States of America. In return, the party now fully supports our President.

The Republican Party is not perfect, in fact some of it is part of the swamp. The swamp is being drained as quickly as it can without creating a giant crater. No additional swamp creatures are welcome and safeguards are in place to prevent them from entering office.

President Trump could have formed a new party, but instead he made the decision to stick with the Republicans. We face unprecedented hatred from those who would have our country destroyed, so we need to support each other. Minimally, we can abstain from tearing others within our same party apart. Republicans don’t have to agree on all points, but we can unify around our core beliefs and in following the leadership example set by our great President.

President Trump is working with the Republican Party including those who are considered to be a part of the establishment. Not all traditional or established members of our party are bad. We must work with who we have now, and refresh our representatives over several election cycles.

Land of the Free
Shari Wassell