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Our show is temporarily off the air due to the health of our founder, Bill Mitchell. Bill has the genetic condition, Factor V Lieden that causes blood clots to form in the lungs. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of this disease called CTEPH, and needs a very specialized surgery that is performed by a limited number hospitals in America. He is currently scheduled for this surgery to take place in January at the Orlando Heart Institute. After surgery he will have about a 2-week period in the hospital for recovery, followed by 4 weeks of rehab. Bill is currently in Miami ICU receiving treatment to depressurize his enlarged heart and dilate his arteries to allow him to breathe until the surgery. He continues to post his political analysis as well as his health updates, but was banned on Twitter. You can follow Bill’s updates on Parler, here.

Read about CTEPH by clicking this link.

Learn about CTEPH surgery


About the Broadcast

The Campaign Corner™ is thankful to be with YourVoice™ Network led by Bill Mitchell. We interview Republican candidates running for US Congress, and leaders involved in grassroots efforts to support President Trump and our America First agenda. We also keep you up to date on the latest election-related news. Following the November 3rd Election we will interview new members of Congress, track important House and Senate votes and follow major races for Mayor and Governor.

Our show is promoted and produced by YourVoice ™ Founder & CEO Bill Mitchell . Bill is the Host of YourVoice ™ America, the network’s main show.

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